Thank you for stopping by to share in this exciting journey with me!

I am close to pushing what will mark a 30 year milestone in my career of selling Real Estate in this wonderful city! From New Construction, Luxury Homes, Resale, Short Sales, REO’s, Auctions and the list goes on and on!

Here’s what all the ‘buzz’ is about!

In addition to helping my clients Buy and Sell Real Estate, I manage my own Rental Properties, thus considered a Landlord as well as buying, repairing and selling previously distressed properties.

I understand what it means to get my hands dirty and try to make a living at what I do best. Just like so many of you, I work very hard for a living.

Ok, so now you know what I do; on with the story of how this all came about.

A couple years ago, a local radio station (B105) advertised about a reality show looking for a specific type of person in the Cincinnati area and I just knew I fit the criteria for what they were looking for. As it turns out, I was right! So, I filled out all the information, submitted all the required items such as photos, etc and I was almost in agreement to appear on the show but then something happened, I actually ‘watched’ the show, and then declined. The show still tried to pursue me but after watching the show, I felt it wouldn’t be in my best interest.

A few months had passed and one day out of the blue, I was contacted by someone else who had apparently liked my information and asked if I’d be interested in appearing on a show relating to my Real Estate career and was asked if I’d let a camera crew follow me around for a day to see what my day was like. I agreed! A couple weeks later, I was offered my OWN show! Which was the beginning stages of the show thus called a ‘Pilot!’

After having physicals, background checks, etc I signed on the dotted line, made some adjustments in my home to accommodate the show and have since then opened up my work and home life to a Director/Producer and a bunch of people that do all kinds of things that I’ve never heard of!

I’ve been fortunate to be able to share this opportunity with clients by providing more marketing exposure for  sellers with homes that need to be sold as well as for buyers in helping them find the perfect home!


Q&A (Sellers)

Q: What are the benefits of listing my home with you?

A: In a word; EXPOSURE for your home.


Q: I want to list my home for sale with you because you’re offering great marketing, but I don’t want to be on the show, is that OK?

A: Absolutely! I’d be more than happy to market your home for sale and give it the attention it deserves but the TV Show Pilot has now concluded.


Q: My home isn’t a very expensive home; would you still consider marketing it?

A: Most definitely! There are no restrictions on your homes current value.


Q: I have a multi-family property I need to sell; the property is vacant; is that an issue?

A: No. It doesn’t matter if the home is vacant or occupied or even if it is a multi-family.


Q: If we list our property with you, and any filming is done as a ‘webisode’ or on a TV show, will we be compensated?

A: Unfortunately, no. Should your home sell in this Tough Market, through our vast marketing efforts however, that is the ultimate goal after all.


Q&A (Buyers)

Q: We’d love for you to help us find a home What do we have to do?

A: Great! Just contact my office. My team and I will assist you with getting through your home buying pre-approval process which involves you getting a loan before we start your home search!


Q: You’ve found us the perfect home and we were filmed during the process; it was a great experience! When can we expect to see it on TV?

A: I’m extremely happy we’ve found you your new home! At this time, there is no certain network or schedule information of when the show will appear on television. There is a huge process involved called ‘Post Editing.’ This is where the Production Company edits the shows pilot and episodes to conform to Network guidelines. However, your filmed experience may be chosen to appear as a ‘webisode’ right here on our website’s front page! You never know!


Q: We’d love to hire you to find us our next home but would prefer not being filmed. Is this ok?

A: Sure it is!


Q: As a buyer working with you, do I have to pay your company anything to help me find and buy a home?

A: No. Buyer services are free to buyers as there is no marketing involved.